Badminton International Series

Team Manager Briefing

Please find the Referee's Team Manager's (and Player's) Briefing notes with all information concerning the competition and local organisation.

Withdrawals and other important requests concerning the competition should be made to the Organiser not later than Wednesday Octobre 14, 2015 - 22:00h!


BE Circuit - International Series
Yverdon-les-Bains - Switzerland - 20 to 23 October 2016

Briefing notes for Team Managers

The tournament will be played in accordance with the Regulations of Badminton Europe and the Laws of Badminton, The Competition Regulations of BWF, the Players' Code of Conduct and the Code of conduct for coaches, team and technical officials.

Facilities and security

Wifi free in the hall will be provided.
Accreditation is necessayry to enter the venue, badges will be given.
Yonex stringing service working during the tournament is on charge.
Medical service and physio will be present.
Info desk, transport information are at the entrance of the hall.

Meals, snacks and drinks available in the hall (first Floor).

Draw and order of Play

Draw is done by Badminton Europe Tuesday 4th October. The seeding and the draw are done according to the World Ranking dated 29 Sept. 2016.
The final schedule for Thursday and Friday will be published on Wednesday 19th September, including all withdrawals and promotions that occurred.
Time Schedule has been changed in accordance with Badminton Europe. New Schedule times are published on the Tournament Website.
The order of play will be according the match list. Updated draw can be checked in the hall or on the internet. The play is on 4 courts.
Betting/TV on 2 courts: on these courts matches are scheduled “followed by”.


The official shuttle is Yonex AS50, two speeds available. Regular tests will be carried out by the referees to decide the speed. It is not allowed to test shuttles before and during the match. If any variation of speed is required during a match, a Referee has to be called on court. A change of speed or tipping can be ordered only by the Referee.

Walking on court and procedure before the match

Players are asked to be ready to go to the meeting point 10 minutes before the scheduled time. A speaker will announce the matches. Players, Umpire and service judge walk on court together with line judges.
Special procedures for semifinals and finals will be announced.
Knock up time on court is limited to 2 minutes.

Clothing and Advertising

We would like to make sure that players are aware of the conditions concerning clothing and advertising. Clothing and advertising will be permitted in accordance with the regulations of the Badminton World Federation (General Competition Regulations 19-23) and in accordance with the regulations for the BE Circuit Regulations, regulations 18.

Please pay attention to the following:

Players' name on the back of the shirt is mandatory for semifinals and finals. From semifinals onwards it is mandatory that double partners wear the same colour.
LETTERING roman capital letters, horizontal, contrasting colour, name between 6 and 10 cm. Country 5 cm high

Umpires are instructed to check. In case of wrong clothing, players will be asked to change or will be written in the report to BE. In applying regulations on clothing and designs and advertising on players’ clothing the decision of the Referee shall be final.

BWF will be instructing its umpires and referees to continue to enforce these regulations, and, if a player’s clothing is found to be in breach, may not allow the player to enter the field of play until he/she can find appropriate clothing. BWF obviously wishes to avoid any complexity around the clothing during the tournaments, and hope that you as a member association will liaise closely with any of your players to avoid any breach of regulations.

The referee has the discretion, if need be and if the player does not cooperate, to not allow a player with non-compliant clothing on court.


In case of injury, the player should notify the umpire who will call the referee and use the stopwatch. A medical service will be present in the hall during the tournament.
In case of injury the coach is allowed on court. The non-injured side can receive coaching from own’s position.
In case of blood flowing injuries BWF regulations strongly recommend to stop play in order to apply an occlusive dressing (e. g. bandage or plaster). This shall be done by the player, the tournament doctor or paramedic.


25.1.4 For the purpose of these regulations, retiring from a match shall not be considered to be a withdrawal, however, should a player be entered in more than one event, by retiring or withdrawing from that one event, the player must be withdrawn from all other events in which the player is entered. A ‘no show’ for a match in a tournament shall be treated as walkover to the opposition and will carry a higher penalty than a withdrawal in addition to the existing withdrawal penalty.


Coaching is permitted when the shuttle is not in play. No more than two coaches per side are admitted on court chairs. Nobody can stand or sit around the court. Coaches shall follow the Code of conduct for coaches, team and technical officials. Coaches on court shall be dressed appropriately.

Overruling line judges

If in the opinion of the umpire it is beyond reasonable doubt that a line judge has made a clearly wrong call, the umpire shall change the decision of the line judge. Players are not allowed to ask for overruling.

Intervals, continous play, misconduct

If players are not ready to start at the end of an interval will be faulted by the umpire.
Delay during the game is unfair to the opponent and contravenes the Laws of the game. When players walk on court make sure they have all they need.
Under no circumstances shall play be delayed to enable a player to recover strength or wind or to receive advice.
Arguing with decisions taken by umpires, service judges and line judges is not allowed and can be warned. Phones ringing on court are punished with a warning.


Betting might be offered from this event. Please note that betting is not allowed to be made by players or officials connected to the Event either in person or through a third party. Participants may therefore not make bets on the Event or procure through third parties the making of bets with a betting agency. Participants who, in violation of this prohibition, nevertheless make or procure through third parties the making of bets with betting agencies shall be immediately disqualified from participation in the Event and are liable for legal prosecution. Similarly manipulation of games will be met with disqualification and possible legal prosecution. Any violation mentioned above is also a breach of Player's Code of Conduct (Art. 5.2.) and will be sanctioned by BWF.


We wish you a successful and pleasant tournament. In case of any problems or questions, please contact us.

Referee Cleopatra Monco                   Deputy Referee Karin Bester

Referee's Team Manager Briefing notes

Please find Referee's Team Manager Briefing notes to download (pdf)

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